Air Force 3D Electric Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

Air Force 3D Electric Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

UNIQUE JET ENGINE MODEL - Metal Time engineers created the "Air Force" jet engine turbine model so that even inexperienced people can understand what it means to use air energy and make it move in the right direction. You can clearly understand how an aircraft engine works by assembling a turbine wheel with your own hands and running it.

EXCELLENT TRAINING for MIND and HAND - The jet engine Air Force model is a non-trivial workout for the mind and hands. To collect it, you will have to concentrate and do everything very carefully. The jet engine turbine is a delicate mechanism that will work correctly only with the perfectly accurate position of all the parts.

HIGH-QUALITY and EASY ASSEMBLY - In our 3d metal puzzle from Metal Time, all parts can be easily separated and connected with a simple finger press. It eliminates possible cuts or pricks during the assembly process.

KEY FEATURES OF THE JET ENGINE MODEL - This Air Force model is made from environmentally friendly stainless steel. The blades of the turbine rotate thanks to the electric motor and create a gentle breeze that will invite you in pursuit of new experiences. This authentic working model jet engine has an attached holder so you can place it on any surface.

UNIFYING GAME for the WHOLE FAMILY - Building a model of a jet engine turbine will be a reuniting game for the whole family. You will be able to tell your loved ones about how power plants and aircraft engines work. You can present an Air Force model to your friends who are passionate about the sky, reward an aviator for impeccable work, and please your child with a unique toy.

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