CirC-Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair


 Refined look, the perfect size, and still packed with an impressive massage! Synca Wellness brings you the CirC, an SL-Track massage chair that can fit in any room of your house. NO! It’s not ugly. NO! It’s not too big. NO! It’s not just for kids. YES! The CirC is for adults! The CirC by Synca Wellness solves the “It’s too big and it’s too ugly” problem while still offering a SL-Track design, lumbar heat, and impressive massage all in a great looking package. Synca designed the CirC from the ground up to give you the most ergonomically comfortable seating angle and position. The design of the 106-degree angle between the seat and backrest creates a posture so comfortable you won’t want to leave. Treat your pelvic region with the CirC’s SL-Track. Muscles in the pelvic region are an important support structure associated with lower leg and vertebral core muscle movement. Tense or stiff muscles in the pelvic region can cause pain and dysfunction in the lower back and hips. The CirC’s ambient side lighting and superior massage will set a calming atmosphere every night to help you de-stress and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Feel and move better with the CirC by Synca Wellness. The CirC is the easiest massage chair you’ll ever have to set-up since there is no installation or assembly required, simply pop the support stand in place and plug it in.

The CirC weighs 70lbs and is 39x22.x37in making it easy to move and place in your favorite room - even if you don’t have a ton of space. It plugs into any standard grounded 110-volt outlet and is made with premium grade synthetic leather found on $10,000 massage chairs, its lightweight steel base frame allows someone up to 250lbs to enjoy the chair. The fact the CirC is made with premium components means its built to last and you’re also covered by the Synca Wellness rock solid 1 year warranty in case something does happen. When your CirC is delivered to you everything you need will be in the box – Fully assembled chair, power cord, warranty card, and an owners’ manual.

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