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Xcissor Pen Full Set


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Xcissor Pen is exactly what it sounds like – a compact pair of scissors concealed in a robust, machined stainless steel executive pen. The tool is ideal for carrying around instead of a regular pen for moments where you need to trim small things on the go. All you need to do is remove the barrel of pen, disengage the safety lock, and extend the scissors forward. The blades are made from SUS420 stainless and either Nickel plated or Teflon coated for added durability.

Pen: SUS304 stainless steel; Scissors: SUS420 stainless steel
Refill: Schmidt 635 Mini D1 (Black)
Pen Length: 140.8mm; Diameter: 13.8mm; Weight: 60g Standard Edition
Black Pen + Black Scissors (Teflon plated) + Atr Knife
Silver Pen + Silver Scissors (Nickel plated) + Atr Knife

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