Woolnut Leather Case For Airpods Max


This durable Woolnut leather case is tailor-made to ensure a perfect fit for AirPods Max, charger and cable. The Swedish minimalistic design keeps the overall bulk to a minimum. Made for maximum functionality, it is possible to charge the AirPods Max inside the case and the built-in magnet activates low-power mode once inserted. A built-in magnet inside the case activates low-power mode on your AirPods Max once inserted. You can easily charge the headphones inside the case, through a small hole in the back of the case. Elastic straps keep essential accessories such as a charger and cables secured without interfering with the headphones themselves. All in a super slim design that minimizes bulk and makes everyday use as well as longer travels a breeze.

What's n the box ?
1x Leather Case for AirPods Max

Tailor-made fit for AirPods Max
Inside magnet activates low-power mode
Charge the AirPods Max inside the case
Exterior in full-grain leather from Scandinavia
Interior in super soft microfiber
YKK EXCELLA metal zipper from Japan