Vivitar 10 Inch Wifi Digital Picture Frame - Slim Design With LCD Touch Screen

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Vivitar 10 Inch Wifi Digital Picture Frame - Slim Design With LCD Touch Screen

Elevate the way you display your cherished memories with the 10.1-inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame. Every image pops with clarity and vibrancy on its high-quality LCD display, making every glance a trip down memory lane. Featuring a bright and vibrant LCD color display with a 16:9 aspect ratio for stunning visuals and clarity the digital photo frame offers a clear and crisp image that will display photos with incredible detail and true-to-life colors. The 10" size ensures a comfortable viewing experience while compacting enough to fit most spaces
Easy Setup & Installation: The slim design of VIVITAR's digital photo frame ensures easy and space-saving installation. It can easily be mounted on a wall or placed on stand that come within the package, allowing flexible placement options. The setup process is straightforward, allowing you to start enjoying your photos and videos in no time
App-Enabled: The mobile app is driven to send photos and videos from smartphones through WiFi instantly. With the app, you can easily send photos and videos from any smartphone to the digital photo frame, allowing for easy and quick sharing of your memories. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
Built-in Card Slot & Memory: Built-in card slot that allows you to easily and quickly transfer photos from any memory card and 16GB internal memory which can store up to 20000 photos, is offering you plenty of storage for your memories
Versatile Display Options: The touchscreen display allows you to easily navigate and interact with your photos, and you can upload photos from multiple devices benefiting from a new photo message alert anytime you will upload a new memory. It also features an adjustable slide show speed, allowing you to adjust the speed to your preference