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VISISPEC LED Light Therapy Silicone Face and Neck Mask Set


VISIspec, short for Visible Spectrum Light, is a soft, silicone-based flexible LED face and neck mask set for the treatment of helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles, redness, and the treatment of mild, and moderate acne.

SET INCLUDES: 1 face neck mask, 1 mask strap, 1 wireless remote control and 1 adapter.

- LED is clinically proven to help with skin by reducing acne, and redness.
Professional LED treatment features 100 red, blue, amber, and proprietary purple (red, amber, blue mix) light options for a professional at-home LED.
This quick 5-10 min daily treatment will leave the skin glowing and radiant with every use.
Hands-free and controlled by a remote.
Helps restore radiance.
Helps reduce acne-causing bacteria.
Helps reduce acne.
Helps control lubrication on the skin.

Prior to initiating LED light therapy, please perform a skin sensitivity test by following the instructions on how it should be done. If there is no light sensitivity, on clean dry skin you may use the mask 5-10 minutes a day 3-5 days per week. It is recommended to close the eyes or cover them with cotton pads. After completing the light session, you may resume your regular skincare routine.

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