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Veho VAA-010 Triple USB 5V 5.1A Car Charger for all USB Charged Devices


The Veho VAA-010 works with standard 12-18V vehicle sockets and has 3 separate USB ports, 1 x 2.1A, 1 x 2.0A, 1 x 1.0A meaning that not only can you charge more than one device at the same time, but the 2.1A output will safely charge up your smartphone device quicker than any standard USB travel charger.

As well as smartphones, the powerful output from the Veho VAA-010 will charge devices such as e-cigarettes, GPS, tablets, e-book readers, PDAs, portable speakers, the MUVI K-Series camera range or any other USB rechargeable device.

The small, sleek black and space grey aluminium design of the Veho in car charger means that it will look good in any car. The Veho VAA-010 is the must have accessory for anyone who spends a lot of time in their car, and is ideal for any short or long distance car travel journeys such as work commutes, school runs or car holidays.

With built-in detection functionality to detect the correct device amperage and also safety features that will stop overheating, over current and over charging, your mobile device is protected whatever its specifications. Charging will automatically stop when your device is full.
Box Contents- VAA-010 Triple Port USB 5.1A Car Charger

Key Features:
Triple USB car charger with powerful quick charge 5V and total 5.1A output,
Small, sleek black and space grey aluminium design ideal for short or long distance car journeys such as business commutes, school runs or car holidays,
Compatible with standard 12-18V vehicle ports,
Ideal for smartphones, e-cigarettes, tablets, MUVI K-Series cameras or any other USB rechargeable device,
Safety design feature to detect correct amperage and stop over heating or over charging of your mobile device

Product Dimensions:
1.41 inx 0.94 inx2.40 in

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