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Unistellar eQuinox 2 Smart Telescope


With the eQuinox 2, you can enjoy the beauty of deep space, protect the planet against near-earth asteroids, conduct hands-on science, and so much more.

Enhanced Vision: 100x more powerful than a regular telescope. Technology that allows a live observation of faint objects thanks to the live accumulation of the light we receive from them. A

Autonomous Field Detection: Our system instantly recognizes the objects in its field of view by comparing what it sees with a coordinates database of tens of millions of stars.

Citizen Science: The Unistellar Network is the first global community of citizen astronomers, 5,000 strong and counting.

A Dedicated App: With the push of a button and tap of the app, your eQuinox recommends the most spectacular targets and launches into deep-space observations, in minutes.

Smart Light Pollution Reduction
Light pollution, the presence of excessive and unwanted artifical lighting, renders celestial objects invisible to the human eye. Even cameras and computers are challenged by it as it blurs objects, distorts shapes and adds "noise" to pictures.

Backpack Features
Carefully designed with the world leading manufacturer of large telephoto lens transportation bags, our backpack is made of tough reinforced fabric, and carefully padded with high density foam to protect your telescope from any shock. Ventilated backpanel. 2 large external and 1 hipbelt zipped pocket. 5 small internal pockets: 2 zipped, 2 to hold telescope cap and eyepiece lid while observing and a spare one. Padded adjustable hipbelt to distribute the load weight. Padded adjustable shoulder straps. Removable rain shield protects it from rain and humidity. Internal strap to securely fasten the instrument while backpacking. Built-in foam inserts precisely match the shape of your eVscope.

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