Brookstone Big Blue Go Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


MASSIVE SOUND - A 50mm driver and a rear bass-pumping passive radiator delivers rich, breathtaking sound from a small package. Never be caught off guard again.

TAP AND GO - Simply tap two of your speakers together for double the sound with new built-in Easy-Link technology. Gather your friends speakers and turn any area into a concert! Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides a seamless hassle-free connection with most streaming devices while preserving precious battery life for extra hours of listening.

EASY CONTROLS - After picking your favorite playlist and quickly connecting to your Bluetooth enabled device, ditch your device and use the simple rubberized on-board controls. Adjust the volume, skip or replay songs, or even answer phone calls - right from the compact speaker!

IPX7 WATERPROOF - This speaker handles spills, splashes, showers and more like a pro. Just dry it off, clip it on, and get back to the trail.

EXTENDED PLAY TIME - Enjoy up to 10 hours of play time, without interruption. Enjoy ultra-crisp music, videos or podcasts on-the-go, without ever worrying about forgetting the charger!