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Trigger Point Rocker - Posture Corrector


The Trigger Point Rocker (TPR) is a patent-pending device that combines the hands-on clinical experience of Dr. Aaron Fu, DPT, with the science behind myofascial trigger points to help relieve neck, shoulder and lower back pain. The TPR was designed to help individuals relieve their frequent aches and pains from the comfort of their own home. Each product is also engraved with a QR code that gives users access to an online archive of different exercises and stretches that can be performed on the TPR to encourage users to take their wellbeing into their own hands. "It's nirvana for your back."

Relief In 5-10 Minutes
Relieve your neck, shoulder and back pain in just 5-10 minutes a day. Plus use our curated exercise library to build muscle fast.

Lay On It Or Sit With It
Based on the neutral spine position - the most stress-free position for your back - you can use it while on floor, or to keep your sitting posture in check.

Stay Fit + Healthy
Relieve muscle soreness for longer workouts & address root causes of chronic pains with our curated exercises.

Standard or Heavy Firmness?
TPR users have reported relief from both the standard firmness and heavy firmness. However, we recommend ordering based upon your personal preferences and based upon how aggravated your muscle tissue is. The rule of thumb that we use is, if the tissue is very aggravated (>6/10 on the pain scale) we would recommend going with the standard firmness as the heavy firmness will be too intense.

Will the TPR fit me?
The TPR was designed with the understanding that each individual has variations in their body size and type. By changing the positioning of the body while using the TPR, it allows the user to target specific areas to get the maximum benefits. Although you don't have to be a specific height to use the TPR, it is most effective for users between the height range of 5'0" and 6'6". The TPR is also designed to be durable with a max weight capacity of 300 lbs.

How do I properly position the TPR when using it?
We recommend sitting at the base of the product and laying down slowly by walking your hands back. The two top knobs of the TPR are supposed to fit in the suboccipital region of the skull.

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