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Treasure Finder 3D Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit


OFFSHORE DRILLING RIG 3D DIY MODEL - Our planet carefully preserves its treasures, and to get them fantastic structures come to the rescue - floating sea platforms. Metal-Time engineers have made it easy to explore the offshore platform by creating a metal model - TREASURE FINDER.

CHECK YOUR PATIENCE and MINDFULNESS - This 3d metal puzzle is a real challenge to your mindfulness and patience skills. All parts of the 3d puzzle - tower, crane, production and living quarters, helipad, mechanisms parts of the structure in motion are assembled by hand and will be ready for proper operation.

UNIQUE MODEL FEATURES - Our offshore drilling rig is equipped with mechanisms that bring the platform to life. The winding spring mechanism makes the crane turn. At the same time, the work of the gear system is visible, which creates a celebration of visual movement. The platform helipad has a retractable canopy. A miniature helicopter is hidden under it. After raising the canopy, the helipad also rises, and a staircase for passengers is served to it.

PRECISE LASER CUTTING and CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS - The precise cutting of this offshore oil rig model eliminates the possibility of cuts during the assembling process. The parts fit accurately together and will not create problems with connecting. The metal model Treasure Finder is designed for a wide range of users aged 14 and over.

DELIGHT TIME with METAL TIME - A demonstration of all the features of the drilling rig model will turn into a family entertainment that will cause delight and admiration, especially if you say you put it all together by yourself. After a few days of immersion in technical creativity, you will have amazing results. There are a lot of possibilities for using the Treasure Finder metal constructor. From a tech lesson in college to an oil tycoon's birthday present.

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