The Loftie Sleep Kit

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The Loftie Sleep Kit

The perfect bundle for screen-free relaxation.

Curl up with Loftie’s The Mysteries of Sleep— a fascinating deep-dive into the science and complexities of what it means to drift off to slumberland. Loftie's silky-soft Sleep Mask and Dark Dots (stickers to place over small pesky bedroom lights) ensure a completely dark room for sleeping.

- The Mysteries of Sleep: A book that takes readers on a lighthearted and visually stunning tour of the science, history, legends, and mysteries of slumber.
Set of 10 Dark Dots: Block out unwanted lights from bedroom electronics
Sleep MaskSilky feel, breathable material

The Mysteries of Sleep
From blue light to pink noise, Da Vinci to Feng Shui, hunter-gatherers to NASA, The Mysteries of Sleep is an endlessly fascinating grab bag of knowledge about the third of your life you spend with your head on a pillow. A lighthearted tour of the science, history, legends, and oddities of slumber, The Mysteries of Sleep is filled with magical artwork, memorable explanations, and pointers, tips, and suggestions to help you get the most out of your bedtime hours. Just try not to stay up all night reading it.


- Synthetic silk
Machine washable
200 pages, Hardback
9" x 7.5"

Loftie Night School