Tecbot Self Rinsing Sweeper Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Not only does it have outstanding suction power of 4000PA, the Tecbot is truly your first hands-free self-cleaning vacuum mopping robot on the market today. No more of getting your hands dirty from cleaning brushes or removing filthy mop pads. This device eliminates that by using a high-pressure water system that internally washes the roller brush for you. Having 2 separate water tanks for clean water and the other for disposable water, the mopping brush constantly stays clean assuring you there’s no chance of secondary floor pollution. Carpets and rugs are also protected from getting wet with a mechanism that lifts away the mop brush while cleaning. Finally comes a 4-in-1 robot that sweeps, mops, vacuums and self-rinses all at once. Do yourself a favor and take back your leisure time and let the Tecbot M1 do the manual labor for you. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.