Solar Powered Flame Effect Deck Mount Mini Torch


This multipurpose mini solar powered flame effect torch with removable base, stake and extender will create a warm and inviting atmosphere to your outdoor décor. Use the base to place on a hard surface to illuminate a table, porch, deck, walkway or driveway. Mount the base with included screws to illuminate a wooden deck, railing, wall or fence. For a tiki torch effect, remove the base and use the stake to place in the ground to light a pathway or garden. By adding or removing the extender, adjust the height for outdoor table settings or deck mounting. Charged by the sun, this versatile mini solar powered flame effect torch will add creative ambient lighting to your outdoor décor.


Durable Black Plastic Construction

Effect of Real Flames

Multipurpose: Stakes into Ground, Mounts to Deck Railing or Tabletop Use

Light Time: 6-7 Hours

Charged by the Sun

Lights at Sunset

Weather Resistant

Stakes into Ground

Outdoor Use Only

Removable Parts


Size / 5" x 5" x 30"

Weight / 2lb