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Tangram LED Smart Rope


SmartRope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness workout data in mid-air as you work out.

LED-embedded jump rope available in Black and Chrome. Logo etched at handles. Includes Micro-USB charging cable and nylon carrying case.

- LED displays in motion
- Up to 36 hour battery life
- Fully charged in 2 hours
- Native app for iOS and Android
- Smart GYM ® application download included
- Connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 LE
- Compatible with UA Record™, MapMyFitness, Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, Samsung S Health
Available in Black and Chrome

Tangram creates innovative and engaging fitness accessories that give the average workout a digital upgrade. Tangram's Smart Rope elevates the traditional jump rope with a series of seamless digital features including the integration of data storage, LED lights, sensors, and Bluetooth pairing to the Smart Gym app. 

Show Count in Mid-Air

Much like film or animated movies, the LEDs light up at different times as the SmartRope rotates around you, creating the appearance of a single display floating in mid-air.

Durable Alloy Ball Bearings
The use of two ball bearings on each handle effectively reduces friction, resulting in very smooth and stable rope rotation. It also reduces the strain on the wrist with the proper rope angle.

Accurate Workout Tracking
SmartRope uses permanent non-contact sensors to continuously track the exact position of the rope. This enables accurate movement tracking, compared to the conventional switch method or the gyro sensor method.

- Small: 95.6" (4'11"-5'5" ft tall)
- Medium: 101.6" (5'5"-5'9" ft tall)
- Large: 107.9" (5'9"-6'3" ft tall)
- Metal
- Made in South Korea
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