Rush Charge Trident

Carbon Black

An integrated battery that allows you to truly charge on-the-go and use your device simultaneously. “Pass-through” technology makes recharging seamless by charging both devices at the same time. Rush Charge plugs straight into your device, allowing you to charge wherever you go, uninterrupted.The classic phone charger is no longer an adequate charging solution for the everyday person. Why be connected to a wall when cord-free mobility is an option. A phone charger requires stationary use where as the Rush Charge moves with you. While a plug-in charger is still a great solution for overnight charging, the pass-through technology of the Rush Charge allows for your phone and the charger to get full battery at the same time. That way you will always have a power source! The RC40 Trident (3 in 1) is the most convenient charger, allowing you to charge multiple products at once without missing a beat! The chargers are all equipped with a patented pass-through technology that allows for your phone/device and the Rush Charge itself to be charged at the same time. Our Rush Charges are compatible with all cell phones and gadgets on the market today. There is no better travel/emergency essential product available. In case of power outages, traveling, and emergencies this product will make things that much easier. Keep your life on track!! Don’t fall victim to a dead phone or device stay charged with Rush Charge!
● Charge on the go!
● Patented Pass-through technology (one cord charges the Rush Charge as well as the device/devices plugged into it at the same time)
● Its small, slick, and lightweight design is unparalleled to any other similar product on the market
● Comes pre-charged and is rechargeable and reusable
● Auto-shut off to prolong battery life as well as LED indicator lights to indicate the remaining battery life
● No cables required
● The RC40 allows for any micro-USB,Lightning, or USB C device to receive charge
● The best part of this product is that you can charge multiple products at the same time including the Rush Charge itself
● Huge 4000 mAh battery that is lightweight, compact, and convenient to use.