Rush Charge Air - USB-C

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The world’s most convenient, patented, lightweight, and compact charger
for your device. The cable-free design allows you to plug the Rush Charge directly into any
compatible device and take it with you anywhere, anytime, uninterrupted. Truly a charger that’s
made to move with you. No more messy and tangled cables or heavy power banks; Rush
Charge fits comfortably in your pocket, lightweight, compact, and designed to fit your on-the-go
lifestyle. Perfect for travel, emergency power, and everyday use. To recharge, simply use your
existing phone cable; alone or simultaneously with your device. ● Powerful 2,500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
● It works on all cell phones and gadgets, just chose the built-in connector you want:Lightning, USB-C, OR micro-USB.
● 2.1A fast charging output
● Rush Charge is a one-hand operation, eliminating any and all downtime associated withany other charging solution.
● Pass-through technology, you can charge your rush charge and your phone at the same time.
● RC25 is up to 19+hours of extended use.
● Each measure approximately 2.75’’ W x 2.63’’ L x 0.63’’ H
● LED meter for battery life
● Comes pre-charged and ready to go, so you can stay powered up right from the go