Remarkable Douglas Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

Remarkable Douglas Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

The Douglas "Dakota" DC-3 is the most important commercial aircraft in human history. Since the end of the 30s of the XX century, it continues to fly 80 years later. This aircraft is the result of a brilliant engineering idea embodied by talented designers.

Wherever this metal winged "dolphin" appeared: in the Amazon rainforests, and in the snows of Antarctica, and in the mountains of the Himalayas. And everywhere the sound of its engines carried the hope that the cargo would be delivered, people were saved, the lost were found.

The DC-3 has many advantages. This is a landing gear design with a rotating wheel in the tail section, which allowed the aircraft to turn around its axis in a small area. It also provided a "nose-up" fuselage arrangement, which gave the impression that the Dakota was taking off, even just standing on the ground. This provided a short takeoff run. Powerful racks and wheels of the front landing gear withstood landing on any more or less flat surface. This allowed the DC-3 to be used on short unpaved runways, making it a versatile aircraft with a wide range of uses, from working farmland to smuggling in the South American jungle. Modifications of the Dakota also showed themselves during military conflicts, where they played the role of ambulance, landing and cargo aircraft, and even bombers.

The Dakota DC-3 was not only an inspiration to pilots and engineers who built new aircraft in the image of one of the most reliable designs. He became the hero of many books and adventure films. Many of the modifications of the legendary monoplane continue their work, carrying cargo and people.

The simplicity, reliability and legendary image of this aircraft inspired Metal Time designers to create the REMARKABLE DOUGLAS assembly model.

"REMARKABLE DOUGLAS" is a twin-engine monoplane with a cigar-shaped fuselage, a classic tail section and rear steering wheel landing gear.

The buildable model retains all of the exterior details reminiscent of the legendary Douglas “Dakota” DC-3 aircraft. This is, first of all, the characteristic shape of the cockpit, which gives the aircraft the famous "dolphin profile". The square shape of the windows, which was preserved in all modifications of this aircraft, is also preserved.

For the modular model "REMARKABLE DOUGLAS" a passenger configuration was chosen, with windows and a door.

It is worth noting that the prototype model, the Dakota DC-3, was often used as a passenger aircraft. There were even variations of the "luxury" class, in which there were only 10 seats and a sleeping compartment. The standard modification accommodated an average of 30 passengers.

"Dakota" had two piston engines with a characteristic shape of the blades. This feature is preserved in the prefabricated model.

With the help of a gear system, the rotation of the winding mechanism is transmitted to the engines and this ensures the rotation of the propellers for about 30 seconds.

The REMARKABLE DOUGLAS model sits on a stable display platform. It contains a winding mechanism driven by a spring.

The model can be separated from the platform and put on the chassis. You can also simulate the "flight" of the model by hanging it on a fishing line or polymer thread (not included). In the state disconnected from the central mechanism, the screws can only move by turning them by hand.

The "REMARKABLE DOUGLAS" wings have openings that make the model lighter and provide a view of the internal structure and moving mechanisms.
Features, benefits

Like all Metal Time prefabricated construction sets, the REMARKABLE DOUGLAS model is made of sustainable stainless steel used in the food industry and approved for the production of consumer goods and toys.

Assembling "REMARKABLE DOUGLAS" is an activity for people who are passionate about designing. The model consists of one and a half hundred parts and is among the designers of medium complexity. The assembly process can be a great activity for family leisure or a friendly flash mob.

The result of this will be another piece in your collection of models "Metal Time".

For Metal Time, the REMARKABLE DOUGLAS model is a continuation and development of the "aviation" direction, in which several outstanding self-assembly kits have already been made.

Precise cutting of the set eliminates the possibility of cuts during the assembly process.

Pleasant tactile sensations favorably distinguish steel parts from wooden or plastic used in other designers.

Convenient flat packaging made of eco-friendly recyclable cardboard combines compactness and aesthetics of a status gift.

The Splashing Dreamer buildable model is designed for a wide range of users aged 14 and over.

Fans of aviation technology and stories of long-distance travel will surely love REMARKABLE DOUGLAS.

Its recognizable outlines immediately evoke many stories heard or seen in movies or TV shows.

But in addition to romantic and adventure stories, with a touch of military heroism and crime, "REMARKABLE DOUGLAS" carries in its design almost a century of history of aviation and the development of engineering in one of the most complex industries.

Therefore, the presence of such a model in the interior will say a lot about the owner. For example, about his good taste, love for interesting heroic stories and reliable and beautiful technology. And also that he knows how to successfully work with his hands.

The assembled model can serve as an interior decoration, part of a collection in a showcase, a key character in an installation on an aviation theme or an airfield layout. You can also use "REMARKABLE DOUGLAS" as a decoration for staged photos on the themes of travel, geographical discoveries, adventurous stories.

The study and assembly of the model develop the skills of technical creativity, encourage the study of the history of science, technology and world culture.

Each of our models is assigned a unique serial number and this makes them collectible and exchangeable. The club of owners of constructors "Metal time" is a growing community of people who are passionate about constructing.