Quirky Pivot Power Jr.


Flexible surge protector
Power up petite places with Pivot Power Junior. It’s got four adjustable outlets and two feet of cable, making it a perfect fit for small spaces such as dorm rooms or home offices.

Flexible surge-protecting power strip that bends to fit every sized plug or adapter without wasting a single outlet
No more plug traffic jams, blocked outlets
4 pivoting outlets accommodate plugs and chunky adapters of all shapes and sizes
2 foot extension cord has flat, 45 degree plug to power hard to reach places
On/off switch
Durable, ABS housing
UL/CUL approved
14A/125V/1875W AC
Works by plugging into the wall to provide extra outlets for electronics
12"x2.25"x1.13"; 0.78 lb.
Plastic/ABS material
Wall plug
No liquids
No assembly required
Unit and instructions included
1 year warranty