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Pinned Golf Prism Rangefinder


From the six brand new colors to the many added features, the Prism is the best looking and most feature packed golf rangefinder out on the market. The Prism is stacked with slope technology, a built-in magnet, a USB-C Charge that lasts 60 rounds, vibration technology, tour level accuracy and so much more.

Slope: Gives you a true playing distance.
Built-In Magnet: Never falls off.
USB-C Charged: One charge lasts 60 rounds.
PinnedLock Vibration: Confidence when you're locked on to the target.
Auto Optimized Display: Red or black display depending on brightness of day.
1,000 Yd Range: Good luck outdriving us.
Magnification: 7x
Water Resistant: Rain, rain go away.

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