Powered Cupping Therapy

Powered Cupping Therapy

The VacuCup increases blood circulation that can in turn relieve muscle tension, and promote cell repair. Cupping therapy has also been known to help form new connective tissue, and create new blood vessels in the tissue.

Helps muscle recovery and soreness
Improves blood circulation
Promotes cell repair
Relieves Muscle Tension and Stress

Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment modality used to decrease inflammation, stimulate blood flow, instigate relaxation and well-being.

POWERED CUPPING TECHNOLOGY: Harness the power of rhythmic alternation of suction and release, which boosts blood circulation faster to the cupping area and speeds up the recovery process. The red light drives pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and brings faster results in healing the skin and muscle tissue.

MULTI MODE: 5 Different Modes and 5 Intensity Levels offer suction at a varied amount of intensities. The VacuCup Cupper serves as your personal massage therapist and tailors a massage to your own needs. A simple touch on the control panel frees you from exhausting hand manipulation.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: The high tech combination of different treatments enables effective trigger point or myofascial release while enhancing circulation, mobility and flexibility in just minutes.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE: The compact size makes VacuCup the perfect tool in your recovery kit for various areas such as the back, shoulder, hips, hamstring and calves. You can carry it around and enjoy therapy anywhere and anytime.

ONE YEAR WARRANTY: If there are any defects with this device from workmanship and materials for a period of one year we will replace it at no-cost-to you.