PingPongly Retractable Table Tennis Set

2 Paddle/3 Ball Set

Play ping pong anytime, anywhere with the PingPongly™ Retractable Table Tennis Net! PingPongly is a portable table tennis net that transforms any table into a ping pong table. Take the retractable ping pong net, paddles, and balls and play on any table, anywhere- indoors and outdoors! Simply clip it on, and enjoy hours of fun from the comfort of your home!-PingPongly can be easily attached to any table up to 2" thick and 6' wide.-Simply clip it on and play. -PingPongly was designed with portability in mind. Set up your table anywhere, from the local park to your dining room. -Rubber grips to ensure maximum resistance against any table surface, producing a super sturdy net for ultimate gameplay. -Each PingPongly set includes: 1 retractable net 2 premium paddles, and 3 balls-Paddles (made with ITTF approved rubber that sits on top of a 1.8mm thick sponge) Anyone with a table (2" thick or less) can now play ping pong without the expense of purchasing a full table!

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