Pet Life 'Moda-Pure' Water Purifier Pet Bowl

$37.99 $39.99

The Pet Life ® 'Moda-Pure' Ultra-Quiet Filtered Dog and Cat Fountain is designed to remove impurities found in un-filtered water while assisting in the removal of Chemicals, Heavy Metals and Bacteria. The Moda-Pure features a Modern Shaped curved design with a built-in Transparent Water Level Indicator for visibly monitoring depleting water levels. This device also features a Built-in Ultra-Quiet Sump Pump that quietly pumps water throughout the device with an automatic shut-off feature that turns off once water levels evaporate beyond a certain level that both conserves power and protects the inner pump from burning out while acting as a safety measure in the event of an electrical fire. Features an inner-removable and fillable container that easily ejects out of the fountain for convenient placement of water and easy cleaning or maintenance.

Holds a whopping 84.6 ounces of water for less refill trips and includes a Filter Cartridge for approximately 60 days of usage (3-Pack Replacement Filters are sold separately). 

- 7.88 X 7.88 X 6.1
3-Pack Replacement Filters are sold separately
Easy to use and assemble. 
Available in Multiple Colors.