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Osaki OS-3D Belmont Massage Chair

$1,999 $4,999

The Belmont includes a slew of luxury features, such as a remote controller, 3D massage mechanism, and calming zero gravity reclining.

3D Massage Mechanism
Experience a new dimension of luxury with Belmont’s three-dimensional massage rollers. When used in tandem with the chair’s SL-Track your body will finally know true relaxation. Through the use of a scientifically-engineered SL-Track, the massage rollers can extend from the base of the skull to the very edge of your hamstrings.

Zero Gravity Reclining
Rest in a state of utter weightlessness with Belmont’s Zero Gravity Reclining. This two-stage NASA-inspired technology perfectly positions your posture to literally ‘take that weight off your shoulders.’

Space Saving Technology
With Belmont’s Space Saving Technology, you can confidently place your chair up to 2 inches and still achieve a fully realized recline.

20 Cell Full Body Air Massage
Belmont incorporates 20 air cells throughout the chair to provide an immaculate compression therapy. Air massage can also be adjusted in three sections and five intensities.

4 Area Heating
Battle tension and stress across the spectrum with Belmont’s heat therapy. Belmont includes targeted heat along the back and calves, while having the ability to adjust its heat on three levels.

Remote Controller
Belmont allows you to adjust the massage to your preferences using the remote controller. The massage chair provides 12 auto message modes and 6 manual massage styles.

Roller Foot Massage
Belmont includes an all-important foot massage, with one roller massaging the front of the foot.

Extendable Footrest
To compliment the refined nature of this chair, the legrest will manually extend nearly 5 inches in order to find the optimal position for users of any height.

Bluetooth Speaker
Listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or calming sounds through Belmont’s crisp, high-fidelity, surround sound bluetooth speakers.

Dimensions (W x L x H):
- Upright 29.5" x 59" x 46"
Reclined 29.5" x 70.5" x 33"

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