Osaki OP-4D Master Massage Chair

$8,999.00 $13,999.00

Alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation using the Osaki Master 4D+. This new revolutionary massage chair provides advanced features such as a thorough shoulder massage, muscle tension detection, and zero gravity positionings, which can be utilized with the Osaki Premium Master app or a call to Alexa.

Thorough Shoulder Massage
The Osaki Master 4D+ proudly introduces the first ever over the shoulder massage using airbag compression that rotates and moves like real hands. There are a total of 10 individual airbags that synchronize to deliver a soothing massage.

Shoulder Massage Nodes
There is an extra massage node on each side of the shoulder pad to emulate an element of a hand massage on your shoulders.

Automatic Shoulder Adjustment
The chair uses an automatic body scan to detect the user's shoulder height and width, and then automatically adjusts the position of the massage rollers accordingly to provide a more effective and personalized massage.

Muscle Tension Detection
The Osaki Master 4D+ utilizes its perceptive health pro program to detect any tension in your torso area. Using AI technology, the chair will tailor a massage program to your specific needs since every user has its own needs and body types.

Smart Voice Control
The Osaki Master 4D+ has Voice Control capabilities. The commands can be used through through Alexa followed by the predetermined commands in the manual.
Voice Control may be only used through Alexa devices or the Alexa app on your phone.

App Control
If you have an iPhone or Android, go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the Osaki Premium 4D + Master App to control the massage chair with the full features from the remote on your phone.

Touchscreen Controller
The Osaki Master 4D+’s touchscreen controller allows for easy navigation and adjustment settings. Using its swivel mount, the touchscreen can be conveniently positioned at different angles.

4D + Massage Mechanism
The Master is a four-dimensional massage chair with 4 levels of intensity and 5 levels of intensity, strength, and speed. The Master is also efficient in spot-treating or partially massaging the back area.

Attachable Magnetic Pillow
It is recommended to attach the pillow to the side of the chair before starting a massage to receive a proper shoulder massage.

Made up of Laser-Crafted Steel, the SL-track allows the massage rollers to freely reach the entirety of your body. The SL-Track extends all the way from your neck and shoulders to your hamstrings.

Negative Oxygen Ions
The Osaki Master 4D+ is incorporated with built-in negative air ionization therapy. According to research, negative air ionization therapy helps relieve stress and improve energy.

Zero Gravity Reclining and Space Saving
With the Osaki Master 4D+’s one stage zero gravity reclining, encounter relaxation in a state of weightlessness. This essential technology was originally developed by NASA. Osaki’s Space Saving Technology allows for the chair to be placed 3 inches from the wall and still achieve a full recline.

Lumbar & Feet Heating
The Osaki Master 4D+’s lumbar and feet heating system takes advantage of its heating coils to effectively warm and alleviates soreness along the lower back and feet.

16 Auto Massage Modes
Master’s Choice: The master one.
Health Pro: Muscle tension detection.
Signature: An outstanding massage programs
Sleeping: Help you deal with insomnia.
Stretching: Help you stretch to recover.
Spine: Special care on your spine.
Deep Tissue: Deal with your muscle aches from spot to spot.
Core: Special care for your neck and back.
The Golfer: Special care for your lower back and feet.
Pilates: Pilates Stimulation.
Mobile Mode: Especially designed for smartphone addicts.
Relax: General relaxation program.
Chinese: Chinese traditional massage.
Sports: Especially for after sports
Morning: To get energetic in the morning.
Evening: The most relaxing one.
Good night: 6 Manual Massage Modes
Kneading: Applying kneading motion.
Tapping (I, II): Rhythmic tapping movements
Shiatsu (I, II): Japanese style to specific points.
Rolling: Rolling to loosen tight muscles.

The Osaki Master 4D+ was designed for users of different heights and body types. The chair’s automatic Extendable Footrest elongates up to 8 inches to adjust to any user in mind.

The Osaki Master 4D+ utilizes calf massages to relax tensed leg muscles. The massage includes a sequence of kneading rollers that move vertically and airbag compression therapy to give a thorough massage to the calves.

The Osaki Master 4D+’s Specialized Foot Rollers were created to activate a series of acupuncture points using scientifically designed reflexology ridges. The foot extenders hold three rollers for each foot, to help give a complete massage from heel to toe.

  • Side Control Panel
  • Phone Charging Surface
  • Bluetooth Surround Sound
  • USB Charging Port
  • LED Mood Lighting

Dimensions (W x L x H) : Upright 31.5.” x 68.0“ x 50.5” / Reclined 31.5” x 72.0” x 42.0”
Width: Shoulder 24.5” / Seat 18”
Minimum Doorway Size 32"