ORA 360-Degree Roller & Microcurrent T-Bar Deluxe Set

ORA 360-Degree Roller & Microcurrent T-Bar Deluxe Set

This multi-angle 360-degree roller features two heads that roll and squeeze the skin, which helps tighten and tone the skin of the face and body for a firmer, smoother, and more youthful appearance.

- Gold-coated to allow use by even the most delicate skin, this waterproof tool helps reduce the appearance of facial puffiness, inflammation, lines and wrinkles.
Energy Vibration feature of roller helps stimulate blood circulation to make the skin more radiant, relax facial muscles, release facial tension and stress, and rid the skin of harmful toxins.
Enjoy a professional treatment used for decades by aestheticians and dermatologists from the comfort of your home.
Suitable for use on the face, cheeks, jawline, neck, arms, thighs and other body areas.
Waterproof design, ultra lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.
1 AA-battery required (not included).

ORA Gold Energy Microcurrent T-Bar
Vibrating at 6000 times per minute, the ORA T-Bar gives the facial muscles the optimal amount of stimulation to achieve a firming effect that rejuvenates the skin and improves skin elasticity.
T-shaped bar combines microcurrent and vibration energy that helps improve the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, lips, forehead and neck, and helps make the skin appear more toned, firmer, and smoother.
Helps reduce puffiness around the eyes, relax facial muscles, and relieve tension.
The gold-plated T-bar releases energy that helps restore an optimal balance to the biolectricity of the skin, thus promoting metabolism, activation of the skin cells, and improved skin appearance. The natural current which exists inside the body can be affected by the aging process, which is the main cause for the sagging of the skin, age spots, and wrinkles. Since the wavelength of gold ions and living organisms’ natural current is the same, the release of the gold ions on the skin by the T-bar can enhance the health and appearance of the skin.
Helps improve absorption of skincare products.
Ultra lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.
Waterproof design
1 AA battery required (not included)