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Objecto F3 Aromatherapy Pedestal Fan


The F3 is equipped with the quietest functioning DC motor that is almost inaudible. Using ultrasonic technology, this foldable fan has the most desirable motor because of the quietness it exudes. Simply plug in the fan to the wall and start the flow.

If a perfect breeze isn't enough for you, how about adding your favorite smell? The center piece of the fan easily twists off to uncover a felt pad for dripping essential oils on. Add any of your favorite aromas to the felt pad, twist it back on, and power up the fan to allow aroma to flow throughout your home.

  • Whisper quiet motor
  • Easy to use control panel allows you to quickly change between 5 speeds
  • Timer mode lets you choose how long the fan will run before an automatic shut-down
  • Magnetic remote to control your breeze from anywhere in the room
  • Unique curved blade feature scoops and distributes the air
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