Nodpod Weighted BODY Blanket

Black Onyx

Nodpod's award winning strap-free design equally distributes the power of deep-touch pressure across key pressure points to help calm overactive minds, soothe headaches and help you sink into deep restful sleep.

Nodpod BODY's unique design allows for a cooler body contouring experience. Enjoy the benefits of a full size weighted blanket in a portable, machine washable pod.

Micro Lining
Single inner layer design allows you to take the weight, not the heat
Concentrated Weight
6.5 lbs of concentrated, body contouring weight
Travel Ready
Enjoy the comfort of weighted rest while you travel
Dual Comfort
One side cooling jersey cotton, other side warm microfiber
Icy Pod
Stays soft and flexible out of the freezer
Easy Care
Machine washable and dryer safe

- Pods filled with BPA-free polyethylene (PE) beads
- Dimensions: 29" X 4"
- Weight: 9oz