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NeoLumo NeoLumo Shapping Eye Treatment with LED + Vibrations


dual-action treatment to fade fine lines & dark circles

effectively address fine lines, uneven coloration, and a fatigued appearance with a special dual-action treatment system designed for the delicate eye contour and under-eye area.

Dark circles and fine lines around the eyes are a major concern for people of all ages and can easily develop in this uniquely delicate, sensitive area, contributing to an especially tired, prematurely aged look. Now NeoLumo® has harnessed the unique therapeutic effects of vibration and an active moisturizing cream to lift the skin, address dark circles, and promote collagen synthesis.

Beautifeye™ helps to lift the upper eyelid, reduce crow’s feet, and diminish puffiness
Syn-Coll and Matrixyl® 3000 peptides encourage collagen formation
Intensely hydrating marula oil and hyaluronic acid support an optimal moisture balance
Beautifeye™ unifies skin tone by reducing uneven coloration and dark circles
Enriched with antioxidant vitamin E to combat harmful free radicals
Integrated vibration function promotes the absorption of rapid-acting ingredients

NeoLumo: Behind the Technology

Active ingredients are only as effective as their ability to penetrate the skin. NeoLumo’s advanced vibration technology creates subtle yet essential vibrations that significantly contribute to enhanced skincare results.

The Integrated Vibration function boosts the absorption of rejuvenating agents, vibrating an incredible 7000 times per minute to help active ingredients penetrate the skin while simultaneously exfoliating and cleansing away dirt.

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