Navien Mate Bed Warmer Heated Mattress Pad


Smart Heating Protection
The detection line detects temperature changes in any part of the mat to prevent any overheating. The sensing line detects changes in the external environment and maintains the temperature you set.

Temperature Control Technology
Separate heating integrated with proven temperature control technology for the water heater and water heated mattress pads. You can personalize the temperature level to add comfort when you sleep.

Wi-Fi Remote Control Function
Conveniently operate the product even when you’re outside of your home through the Navien Mate App. Sleep mode and other special features to provide e your own right sleep temperature.

User-friendly Design and Features
Has a jog dial feature, that’s ergonomically designed for easy temperature control and its Low Voltage Direct Current Design (DC 24V) is safe to use and free from harmful electromagnetic waves, with separate structure of regulator and adapter.

Washable and Saving Energy
Easily washable without worry about durability and our eco-friendly technology is energy efficient compared to air heating.