Mono Softmesh Cleaning Cloth


The Original LARGEST stainless steel WELDED rings mesh for cleaning pots, dishes, cast iron, glassware, crystal, carafes, decanters, ovens, and virtually any surface needs cleaning. Each pad is made of nearly 7000 welded rings - other similar products are OPEN rings which can scratch delicate surfaces, or worse yet, can get lost in food. This gentle and soft pad is virtually indestructible - it can be used over and over for many many years. Mono Softmesh is more expensive because it is LARGER, made of WELDED rings technology, and it is made of smaller and significantly more rings per pad (nearly 7000 closed rings). This makes this cleaning pad softer, safer, more durable, more effective, and gentle on most delicate surfaces. Because of all the health benefits, cleaning results, and durability, this is probably the only cleaning pad you will ever need.
• Welded rings have no sharp corners or edges to avoid scratching and deterioration
• Over 7000 welded rings allow you to clean everything from cast iron to crystal
• Extremely durable – can last a lifetime
• Size: 10x8 inches
• Materials: Silicone, Welded Stainless Steel
• Care: Dishwasher safe
• 1x Softmesh Cleaning Cloth
• 1x Hanging Hook