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Moist Heating Pad for Cramps and Back Pain


Provides moist heat treatments by a process of fomentation without adding water for the relief of all types of pain conditions. During the healing process, moist heat therapy has proven most effective to ease pain, reduce stiffness and increase circulation. Includes flannel cover.

Heats up nearly instantly
Soothing automatic moist heat increases blood flow
Digital LCD controller preset heat programs with auto-off
5lbs of soothing weighted pressure
Clay beads emit infrared heat
Clay beads dispense essential oil

Machine washable flannel cover
FDA registered
No water required, creates moisture automatically
Auto on/off safety feature

MEDICAL GRADE ELECTRIC HEATING PAD: A Medical grade heating pad utilizes high end components and copper, that enable an intense heat and an automatic creation of moisture. This form of intense heat penetrates deep into the tissue

WEIGHTED HEAT: Over 5 lbs of ceramic clay beads are contained within this pad to enable a transfer of infrared heat and as well, a soothing pressure to facilitate a relaxing experience

ESSENTIAL OIL: Drops of essential oil can be dropped onto the heating pad such that they seep into the clay beads and then emit those aromas during treatment

WHY USE MOIST HEAT: Moist heat can help you get back on your feet more quickly. Studies have shown that moist heat has greater benefits than dry heat. The heat from ThermoRelief’s moist heat pads helps moisture get through the skin barrier and deeper into the tissue beneath. This helps to increase circulation to problem areas, bringing in new blood cells while taking away wastes to speed up recovery. Works for chronic pain, cramps, arthritis, muscle spasms, and more

NO WATER OR SOAKING NEEDED: How can a moist heating pad be effective if you aren’t adding moisture? When heated, the soft flannel covering of this hot pad draws in moisture and humidity from the air and retains it, then transfers it to your skin through a process called fomentation. This way, your clothes and skin don’t become saturated due to water being held against them.

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