Obey Your Body Mineraux Purifying Gel Peel

Obey Your Body Mineraux Purifying Gel Peel

Instantly reset your skin. This rapid-working gel formula visibly resurfaces & renews the face, to reveal a healthy new layer of skin. In a matter of minutes, it completely dissipates dead skin, draws out toxins, & clarifies the pores. The non-abrasive formula deeply exfoliates, while respecting sensitive skin, & naturally infusing it with hydration. Skin appears plumped & smoothed, as cell renewal is activated, & clarity & smoothness is restored.

This highly effective gel formula contains the most powerful natural ingredients to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, including Dead Sea Minerals, Aloe Vera Chamomile, Evening Primrose and Borage Seed (Omega 3 & 6). It is completely non-abrasive, and works with natural enzymes to dissolve surface debris, deep clean, and unclog pores. Natural cell renewal is accelerated as dead skin is removed, and the skin is fed with essential minerals and antioxidants.

Together with herbal oils, the gel is infused with natural moisture-enhancing, Gluconolactone, which deeply hydrates, alleviates dryness, and plumps the skin.
Skin is visibly repaired, and youthful radiance is restored.


Deeply cleanses the pores & draws out toxins | nourishes & hydrates the skin | Protects skin against oxidation | Promotes cell renewal | Reduces inflammation | Fights aging