MILEX Insta Solar Generator


Overview Working Time: Torch: 23 To 40 Hours LED Light: 8 To 14 Hours Warning Light: 216 Hours External Bulbs: One Bulb: 38 Hours Two Bulbs: 19 Hours Three Bulbs: 13 Hours Additional Functions: FM Radio: 37 Hours Bluetooth Speaker: 16 Hours MP3 Player: 15 Hours USES Camping and Outdoor Activities Emergency Preparedness Tailgating and Outdoor Events Power stations are useful on construction sites or other work locations where access to electricity may be limited. Power stations can be used in recreational vehicles (RVs) and boats to provide electricity for lights, appliances, and other onboard devices, making travel and living more comfortable. For travelers and digital nomads, a power station can serve as a portable charging hub for laptops, cameras, smartphones, and other electronic gadgets Home Backup: As a small-scale backup power source, a power station can keep essential devices running during short power interruptions or when access to the main power grid is limited. Important Note: Charge 24 hours before first use Recharge after use Discharge and charge every 3 months