Medical Grade Heating Pad with Automatic Moist Heat

Medical Grade Heating Pad with Automatic Moist Heat

Moist heat from this heat therapy pad increases circulation. These moist heating pads speeds recovery by bringing in fresh blood cells and taking away wastes which hinder healing. This moist heat pack therapy is known as electric fomentation therapy. The application of moist heat (fomentation) is commonly prescribe by physical therapists chiropractors and doctors. A hand held momentary switch of this moist heat pack, controlled by the user, turns the hot pack on and off, and allows the user to maintain the highest temperature possible. The momentary switch of this heat therapy pad must be held inch on inch to allow the unit to heat, released while cooling to normal body temperature. This moist heat pad can be so relaxing; often the user may fall asleep. When the pressure switch is released, the unit immediately shuts off. The thermoset moist heat pad produces moist heat automatically by drawing moisture from humidity in the air and retaining it in the hot pack's outer flannel cover.

Features :
MEDICAL GRADE ELECTRIC HEATING PAD: Get the best possible at-homecare and relief for your chronic pain, injury, or conditions that are available with this medical-grade device. Patient-friendly, the moist heat you’ll get from this heat pad is the most commonly prescribed form of treatment by physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors. You can now have that care in the convenience of your own home.

GET FAST RELIEF FOR BACK PAIN, ARTHRITIS, AND CHRONIC CONDITIONS: Pain and injuries may be slowing you down, but you don’t have time for that in your busy schedule. These various sized hot pads for pain can gradually help relax muscle spasms to provide relief and restore general flexibility in tight muscles. It can also help relieve chronic low back pain, arthritis, rheumatic conditions, TMJ, shoulder injuries, menstrual cramps, pain from back or disc injuries, and more.

WHY MOIST HEAT IS SUPERIOR: You might have heard that dry heat is fine for loosening muscles and easing pain. Though it does have some benefits, studies have shown that moist heat has greater benefits than dry heat. The heat from Thermotech’s moist heating pad helps moisture get through the skin barrier and deeper into the tissue beneath. This helps to increase circulation to problem areas, bringing in new blood cells while taking away wastes to speed up recovery.

NO WATER OR SOAKING NECESSARY: Well you might wonder then, “How does a moist heating pad work without adding any moisture?” When heated, the soft flannel covering of this hot pad draws in moisture and humidity from the air and retains it, then transfers it to your skin through a process called fomentation. This way, your clothes and skin don’t become saturated from too much water being held against them.

CONTROL IS IN YOUR HANDS: Using this heater pad is literally as easy as the push of a button. When you hold the analog pressure switch, the unit heats up and stays warm for as long as you hold the button. You may find the heat so relaxing that you fall asleep, but you don’t have to worry about overheating your skin—as soon as the button is released the device turns off and starts to cool down.