Master of Time 3D Electric Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

Master of Time 3D Electric Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

UNIQUE FUNCTIONING 3D CLOCK MODEL - Each of us at least once dreamed of becoming the master of time and the lord of our destiny, but becoming the master of time is possible only in one case - in improving the methods of measuring it. "Metal Time" team invites you to become the master of time, at least for a short period, and assemble the clock model kit yourself.

ARTISTIC and FUNCTIONING DESIGN - The metal model's clocks Master of Time is a watch in the full sense of the word. This model clock has to glow in a dark hour and minute arrows, clock mechanism, and place for a candle inside. Our clock puzzle model is a unique and stylish functioning clock, the embodiment of the artistic imagination of the Metal Time team.

HIGH QUALITY and PLEASANT TACTILE SENSATIONS - This MASTER OF TIME 3d model kit is made of food-grade stainless steel, the parts fit together exactly and connect without any problems. Pleasant tactile sensations, durability, and aesthetics of brushed metal distinguish steel parts from other types of 3D constructors.

EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA - Our metal model clock Master of Time is a tower of a small European town, in harmony with the surrounding landscape. An unusual clock model kit is evidence of the owner's originality, desire for accuracy, and fidelity of the decisions made. It is a great gift for all lovers of individuality and an excellent solution for an extraordinary interior design.

SPEND TIME with METAL TIME - This clock kit will take you back to the days when there were public clock towers in the center of every city. Now each of you can independently assemble a clock tower and become the master of your own time.

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