Lyric Therapeutic Massager

$99.99 $199.95

The Lyric™ therapeutic massage gun is a revolutionary self-care companion that takes the guesswork out of wellness, fitting seamlessly and stylishly into any home or lifestyle and offering breakthrough Rhythm Therapy™ to help everybody and every body relax and temporarily relieve pain.

- Wi-fi enabled to allow users to download new software and experiences
- Helps temporarily relieve minor muscle pain, relax or energize, and temporarily improve blood circulation
- Docking station doubles as an induction charger
- Sleek, stylish, and available in 5 colors
- Includes long reach extension handle and 4 functional massage heads
- Up to 4 hours of battery life
- 1-year manufacturers warrant

Lyric Touschreen

Intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen

Focus on your moment of wellness without distraction – the Lyric’s easy-to-use touchscreen provides intuitive massage therapies at your fingertips.

Lyric Charging Dock

Sleek, stylish, and lightweight

With an elevated design, compact docking station and variety of color options, the Lyric is a device to proudly show off in your daily life.

Lyric Guided Treatments

All-in-one guided treatments

Discover a guided experience for your body with a collection of step-by-step therapies for temporary pain relief, calm, and energy.

 Lyric Extension Handle

Extension handle for hard-to-reach areas

The optional long-reach extension handle ensures you can get to even the hardest to reach areas. The Lyric’s lightweight design and slim build make it easy to hold and easy to use for everyone.

Lyric Attachments

Four specialized massage attachments

What does your body need today? Four massage attachments let you customize your treatments based on what works best for you.

Lyric Wifi

Personalize your Lyric with the companion app

Coming Soon: Access the Lyric’s companion app on your mobile device to browse a library of massage programs, manage your favorites and easily upload new content to your Lyric via Wifi.


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