Lost at Sea 3D Electric Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

Lost at Sea 3D Electric Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

UNIQUE TITANIC METAL MODEL - The "Olympic" class ship bore the name "Titanic" and turned out to symbolize the superiority of the forces of nature over the human mind. Choosing ship models to create this constructor, the "Metal Time" engineers, first of all, turned to the history of the early 20th century's most impeccable and named the model kit "Lost at Sea."

LONG-LIFE STAINLESS-STEEL MODEL - Our titanic model is made of water-resistant stainless steel with patented technology to ensure your handcrafted creations will last for a long time. An interactive 3d metal model comes in steel plates complete with the necessary tools.

ARTISTIC FEATURES of TITANIC MODEL KIT - This model of the Titanic has a translucent body so that you can see the rotating gears and moving propellers. The shiny steel body with four lifelike pipes and thoughtful small details is perfect for interior decoration, gift ideas, or collectibles.

GREAT CREATIVE GIFT - Our desktop titanic comes in an elegant gift box complete with a toolbox and user guide, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. This model kit will be appreciated by both the DIY enthusiast and the sophisticated collector.

WONDERFUL TIME with METAL TIME - These interior design gifts will help you exercise your fingers and brain cells, distract from work, turn off thoughts completely. Let's do something creative and beautiful DIY that you enjoy and spend time with those you truly love.

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