Loftie Smart Digital Alarm Clock with Sleep Sounds and Bluetooth Speaker

$126.65 $149.00

Loftie is a thoughtfully connected alarm clock designed to help people break up with their smartphone alarms and get more sleep.

Disconnect from your devices before going to sleep with the Loftie Digital Alarm Clock, a multi-function bedside design. Each Loftie comes with a dimmable display, nightlight, two-phase alarm, and custom content playable right on the device, including guided meditations, sound baths, breathwork exercises, sleep playlists, plus a variety of relaxing sounds. Equally important though is everything Loftie does not connect to: your email, apps, social media and all the stress they bring along. In short, it’s everything you need (and nothing you don’t) for a dreamier bedroom atmosphere.

Loftie's features include:
- Fall asleep to wellness content by choosing from nature sounds, white noise, breathwork and soundbaths.
A night light provides a warm glow so you can start thinking about drifting off peacefully.
The white noise function fades out before the alarm goes off, so your brain doesn’t get mixed messages.
Loftie doubles as a speaker so you can enjoy your own music and other audio content.
Two-phase alarm clock that’s designed for the way humans actually wake up. The first sound gently lulls you awake while a second one gets you out of bed.
WiFi connection required.
Powered by standard plug-in (includes international adapters). A backup battery ensures your time is always accurate and that your alarm goes off, even in the event of a power loss.
Made of polycarbonate.
- Measures 2.75h x 6w x 2.75"d.


Loftie Night School