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Lifting Spirit 3D Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit


REALISTIC LIFTING SPIRIT MODEL - We at Metal Time Workshop have created a collection of the most impressive creations of human, technical genius. We present to your attention a realistic helicopter model based on a real helicopter designed by Ukrainian Igor Sikorsky.

LONG LIFE STAINLESS STEEL MODEL - Our 3d helicopter model is constructed from water-resistant stainless steel with patented technology to ensure your handcrafted creations last a long time. An interactive 3d metal model comes in steel plates complete with the necessary tools.

UNIQUE PATENTED MECHANISM - This metal model has main and tail swing blades, opening doors, and a patented windup mechanism, which will lead you to a full thrilled. Our DIY steel 3D puzzle has simultaneously moved front and rear blades, which creates the effect of real flight.

EXCELLENT GIFT - Our helicopter model LIFTING SPIRIT comes in an elegant gift box complete with a toolbox and user guide, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. This metal model collectible will be an excellent decoration for any interior and a wonderful gift for a collector.

INSPIRATION TIME with METAL TIME - This model helicopter will help you exercise your fingers and brain cells, distract from work, turn off thoughts completely. Let's do something creative and beautiful that you enjoy and spend time with those you love.

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