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LELO Intimina Laselle Kegel Set

Complete set of weighted Kegel exercise balls for improving pelvic floor strength (28g, 38g, 48g). Use them individually or link the balls to achieve up to 6 weight combinations for even stronger muscles. Laselle Kegel Routine is perfect for easily and effectively strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Made with completely body-safe materials, these discreet exercisers help ensure that you are using the correct Kegel technique (lifting upwards and squeezing) by giving you an object to contract around and adds more resistance to your routine - just like a weight at the gym. The weighted inner ball also creates tiny kinetic movements when you move, causing your pelvic floor muscles to unconsciously contract - letting you exercise as you go about daily activities.
Laselle gives you a more effective Kegel workout that, when done regularly, builds vaginal strength and tone. Strong pelvic floor muscles deliver amazing benefits,such as maintaining and improving vaginal tightness and enhancing your sensations during intimacy. HOW TO USE: Insert the ball approximately 2cm inside the vagina. Use a water based lubricant for added comfort. 1. Contract and lift 2. Hold for between 2 and 10 seconds as is comfortable 3. Release 4. Rest for between 2 and 10 seconds as is comfortable Conduct a number of repetitions that feel comfortable for you and then gradually increase the length of your workout routine over time. As you improve, you can move to heavier weights or even link the exercisers together for a more challenging intimate workout.
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