Leiph Self-Heating Teapot Set

Jasmine White

A Fine Ceramic Self-Heating Teapot. Keep your tea hot & flavorful at 140°F / 60°C.

The Leiph Teapot is a state-of-the art self-heating teapot system that can brew your tea directly in the ceramic vessel. When set on the OHOM Pad, the teapot will gradually heat up, brewing your tea gently and maintaining the perfect drinking temperature until the very last drop.

Simple, elegant and convenient, the Leiph Teapot takes the hassle out of enjoying your favorite brewed tea beverages. Maximize flavor and ensure a pleasurable drinking experience with this one-of-a-kind system. Savor each sip, transform the moment.

* Includes a fine-mesh stainless-steel tea strainer

Leiph Specifications:
- Teapot material: High-quality ceramic
Strainer material: 316 stainless-steel
Teapot volume: 13.5 fl oz / 400 mL
Teacup volume: 2.4 fl oz / 70 mL

OHOM Pad Specifications:
Teapot heating output: 22W max
Cell-phone charging output: 15W max

Package includes: Leiph teapot, two tea cups, OHOM Pad, one stainless steel tea strainer, power adapter & USB Type C cable