L'Core Paris Oxygen Booster Day Cream

L'Core Paris Oxygen Booster Day Cream

Our Oxygen Booster Moisturizer is intensely hydrating, for up to 24 hrs. Rich in antioxidants, skin is protected against free radical damage. Promotes visibly radiant and revitalized skin, and a smooth look and feel.

The Oxygen Booster Day Cream improves the function of skin to remove dirt and decrease harmful effects of emotional and physical stress. At the same time, it protects the skin from exposures of free radical damage.

This also comes with cellular-improving isoflavones which are natural composites that decrease the breakdown of collagen and block lipids from producing compounds. This also helps to enhance skin decline from stress.

It also acts as a cell detoxifier which is a mix of natural essences which includes natural compounds that assist to remove the skin from wastes.

With the help of this oxygen booster, you can improve your skin’s immunity and skin circulation for over skincare health.