Komforte Dual Zone Couple's Comforter


The Kömforte Couple's Comforter will make you the hero of your bedroom. Forget the restless night's fighting over the temperature and start sleeping blissfully with a dual zone comforter. The Komforte uses premium temperature regulating microfiber to create the perfect sleeping oasis for both of you. Let's up your snuggle game today!

  • DON’T COMPROMISE ON SLEEP - Discover sweet dreams and refreshing rest with SöMN’s couples Kömforte.
  • HOT OR COLD, IT’S JUST RIGHT - You and your partner will both sleep well with a two temp comforter.
  • TOSS, TURN, TUMBLE DRY - This microfiber comforter is machine washable. No need for the dry cleaner!
  • GIFT GOOD SLEEP - Give the Kömforte to friends and family, so they can better enjoy waking moments.
  • FIT FOR A KING AND QUEEN - No matter your mattress size, SöMN has you covered. The queen comforter is 90 x 90 in. and the king comforter is 106 x 93 in.
  • REST ASSURED - We guarantee 100% satisfaction and sweet dreams or your money back.