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Kelvin 8 Automobile Emergency Multitool


The ultimate emergency tool with 8 integrated features: Power Generator, USB Charger, Seat Belt Cutter, LED Flashlight, Window Breaker, LED Flashers and 100 db Siren

The Kelvin 8 is an Automobile Emergency Safety tool, designed to assist you in an Emergency situation or for everyday life. The Kevin 8 features a rechargeable USB 2000 mAh Lithium Powerbank, a Window Safety Hammer, an intergrated Seat Beat Cutter, 100 db Siren, 4 setting Powerful LED Flashlight including an SOS signal. An Electronic Flare with 4 magnets to attach to your car when you're in distress, Smooth Hand Crank Power Generator to recharge your device when no power is available.

The Kelvin 8 is a must have Safety device for every Auto, Truck RV, great for Camping, and even at Home.

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