iClebo Omega G Robot Vacuum Cleaner


The iClebo Omega intelligent cleaning robot has a combined camera vision and mapping technology that works effectively together finding dust and dirt particles in all the hard to reach places. With an 80 minute cleaning cycle, no area of vacuuming is forgotten due to the precise navigational cleaning pattern that it takes. This 3.4" inch unit automatically cleans without your assistance, returns to its charging base when the battery is low and resumes cleaning from the last location once its fully charged. It will activate by itself, the turbo mode for heavier suction power when it detects deep cleaning carpets or dusty floors. At 6.8 lbs. and built with gyro obstacle sensors, it can detect objects in its pathway and maneuver around them for the most efficient cleaning route for picking up dust, pet hairs and allergens. This 68.5 db low noise device has a daily cleaning feature that operates on its own schedule. The model YCR-M07-10 comes with a jam resistant bumper technology, a wet mopping pad and a remote control for your convenience when operating. The Yujin Robot iClebo Omega continues living up to its name by giving you a better quality of life.

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