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Hidden Heat Electric Couch Cushion Warmer by Spotwarm


About this item
· HIDDEN HEAT - Unzip your couch cushion and insert the warmer. Cords remain hidden as you control through a convenient wireless RF remote.

· ADJUSTABLE HEAT – Find your perfect warmth with 6 different heating levels each with their own auto-shutoffs

· EASY-TO-USE - 10ft Long power cord is more than long enough to reach any outlets easily so you can maneuver the cord to stay out of sight and conveniently hidden underneath the couch.

· SUPER COMFORTABLE - Super plush construction allows the warmer to fit seamlessly into the top inside of any standard couch cushion, providing added comfort to your cushion.

· UNPARALLELED WARMTH - Quick heating wire grid heats up the couch cushion warmer faster than standard electric warmers and retains heat for longer. Heat your seat or your feet!


First of its kind heated couch cushion warmer with 6 adjustable heat settings each with auto-shutoff. Controlled by a wireless RF remote enables this novel warmer to stay hidden under your couch cushion to warm your seat or your feet. Works with couch cushions that unzip and are larger than 24” by 20” Voltage Power Required:110-120V

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