Guardian of the Coasts 3D Electric Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

Guardian of the Coasts 3D Electric Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit

REAL PROTOTYPE - The standard 47-foot CG-47305 coast guard ship was chosen for the creation of the Guardian of the Coasts, which is the main "hard worker" in the coastal waters of the United States. Metal Time engineers have developed a model of a Coast Guard ship with great attention to detail, for those who love and cannot imagine their life without sea travel.

ORIGINAL COAST GUARD MODEL - Our Coast Guard model kit is as detailed as possible. It has a wheelhouse with an overview of the controls, radio equipment antennas, stairs, handrails, and other structural elements that are reproduced by the original. The Guardian of the Coasts is powered by an electric motor that powers the Marine Corps' rotating radar.

LONG-LIFE STAINLESS-STEEL MODEL - This coast guard patrol boat is constructed from durable, water-resistant stainless steel to ensure your hand creations last a long time. The interactive 3d puzzle boat comes in steel plates complete with the necessary tools.

DEVELOPMENT of METALWORKING SKILLS - To build this coast guard ship model will be a challenge for handcrafted lovers and will serve as an excellent example for developing metalworking skills and technical creativity.

TRAVEL TIME with METAL TIME - The coast guard ship's hull is supported by the demonstration platform. Our model can be placed on any horizontal surface as interior decoration, a collection exhibit, or a model element. Guardian of the Coasts is a boat model that will win the hearts of all those who are not indifferent to sea travel.

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