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GLO24K LED Eye Care Beauty Massager + 24k Express Facelift Cream


ADVANCED TRIPLE ACTION LED Eye Care Wand + 24k Instant Facelift Cream to battle wrinkles, fine-lines, and puffiness around the eyes. For Short and Long Term Results!

GLO24K EXPRESS FACELIFT CREAM with Potent Vitamins, 24k Gold, and Hyaluronic Acid is a Safe, Non-Invasive Alternative to Injections and Professional Procedures.

NOURISH AND REVIVE THE DELICATE SKIN AROUND YOUR EYES! Boost your skin’s firmness and elasticity for short and long-term effects while defying the visible signs of the aging process.

ADVANCED LED EYE CARE THERAPY WAND FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS: Light Therapy, Vibration, and gentle Heat. This Eye Care Wand revives the skin around the eyes for a younger, refreshed appearance.

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