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Glo Serum910 Revitalizing Legs Serum


Serum910 - Revitalizing legs treatment. It is specificaly designed for legs, relieving feelings of heaviness and accumulated fatigue. Its advance niosome technology encapsulates the active ingredients and releases them in deeper skin layers, which brings an instant sensation of relaxation and revitalization. 1 or 2 times a day with a light, upward, circular massage. Fast absorption.

Take care of your legs at the end of the day by relieving the feeling of heaviness and accumulated tiredness with this ultra-concentrated serum that provides revitalizing and decongesting action.

-Anti-edema: powerful draining action that deflates the legs.
-Anti-fatigue and decongestant: lightens heavy legs.
-Stimulates microcirculation, bringing energy and vitality to the legs.
-Reduces redness and varicose veins.
-Defines and refines the contour of the legs.
-Improves tone, hydration and texture, and the feeling of itching, tightness or thin skin.
-Prevents cellulite by improving micro-circulation and fluid retention.

This biotechnological cosmeceutical in serum format boosts the botanical ingredients, extracted from plants, such as troxerutin, with the help of molecular science.

Nano-encapsulation technology allows a progressive release of its active compounds, which penetrate to the deepest layers of the stratum corneum, ensuring their effectiveness.

200 ml. Airless container to make the most of every drop!

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